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LoL Builder Lite updated to v1.0.0.113

March 16, 2011 4 comments

This time LoL Builder Lite appears with Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare new champion.

Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Release Notes v1.0.0.113: Read more…

LoL Builder Lite updated to v1.0.0.112

March 3, 2011 2 comments

I released LoL Builder Lite v1.o.0.112 in Android Market. It came with new champion – Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia. Otherwise there aren’t big changes except updating items, champions stats to last patch.

Jarvan, the Exemplar of Demacia

Jarvan, the Exemplar of Demacia

Release Notes v1.0.0.112: Read more…