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New site address

November 22, 2010

Hi, I made a decision to move old site from blogger to wordpress. Its because of better scaling wordpress blogs on mobile devices. I wish now its easier to read new informations about applications updates.

new address is devmys.wordpress.com

  1. Donovan
    November 24, 2010 at 17:22

    You prob already know and are fixing it, but just in case the defensive mastery tree once oh get to the second to last tier where hi need 16 points is actually looming at the offensive tree for 16 points rather than the defensive tree (can’t spend points in ardor or reinforce then since looking to the offensive tree for the 16 points rather than defensive tree to be sure 16 points is spent).

    • November 24, 2010 at 18:51

      Thanks for detailed explanation of this problem. I got many emails that there is a problem with counting defensive masteries tree. Im working on it and plan to publish new version with fixed more bugs tomorrow.

  2. UnknownPL
    November 25, 2010 at 00:24

    Can you make converter to convert old files to new version, because i can‘t import files from older version without masteries tree. btw. images after add new champ are bugged. they have numbers and when u add new champ numbers change but only in programm. not in files. example: i had twitch build. after patch and add champ whem i import twitch i see twitch build and name but image is tryndamere xd

    • November 25, 2010 at 10:30

      This is why old files didnt work now. Builds before were using a number system for the champs as a unique id, but now they are using champions name. Same for items and other things. Now it is changed and will work better with future updates.
      Sorry but I wont implement converter for just few builds from before .105 version.
      It is just about 2-3 minutes to create your own new build ;D

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